Motor Insurance

The Bedrock motor insurance policy is designed to cover the liabilities of our clients as required by law. This policy provides a maximum cover for vehicles, considering how vulnerable they are our roads.

The three types of cover available are:

Third-Party Only Policy

  • This covers bodily injuries and death of third parties e.g. passengers, pedestrians and other road users. The limit of liability provided is subject to the vehicle type.
  • The Policy also covers any property that may be damaged by the insured vehicle with a limit of liability. Damage to the insured vehicle is not covered.
  • The insured and/or the driver also benefits from this cover when involved in a personal accident with the vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft Policy

  • This policy includes all the benefits of Third-Party Only Policy and provides compensation to loss or damage to the insured’s vehicle as a result of fire and or theft.

Comprehensive Policy

  • This is the widest cover which includes all benefits of Third-Party Only Policy, Third Party Fire and Theft as well as cover for accidental damage to the insured vehicle.