Bonds are contracts between three parties – the Contractor, Guarantor and the Principal. The guarantor assures the guarantee that if the principal engages the services of any Contractor, the principal will be indemnified in the event of default in delivering of services as expected. At Bedrock Insurance, we serve as Guarantors to provide all kinds of Bonds to enable clients transact business in peace and tranquility.

Some of these Bonds include:

General Bonds

  • Bid Bond/Bid Security/Tender Security
  • Performance Bond
  • Advance Payment/Mobilization Bond

Customs Bonds

  • Warehousing/Security Bonds
  • Removal Bonds
  • Temporary Importation
  • Other Customs bonds include:
    • Temporary Import Bond
    • Re-Exportation Bond
    • Transit Bond
    • Transshipment Bond
    • Customs House Agent General Exportation Bond