Whether you’ve been in an auto accident or have a business claim, we’ll handle it quickly, fairly and with as little inconvenience as possible. We’ll do everything we can to help you get your life back to normal.

Reporting a claim

You can report a claim through any of our social media platforms or call our Claims Office on 0501474079 for assistance.

You could also notify us through your insurance brokers and / or our customer care agents

Our claims philosophy

At Bedrock we see a claim moment as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment in making insurance real to our clients. As part of our claims philosophy, your legitimate and valid claims must be paid with promptness as conveniently as possible.

It is in line with this promise that we have a claims initiative of “Same Day Claims Payment” dubbed 3 B4 3; where all motor claims up to GHC3,000.00 ( three thousand Ghana Cedis) if reported before 3:00 pm are settled the same day.

To ensure that our claims processes are devoid of any delays and cumbersome procedures, we ensure that our clients understand our documentation and processes by offering explanation at each point if necessary.

Our claims process

  1. Requests for original repair estimates or the replacement invoices.
  2. An explanation of how your type of claim is usually settled, for example:
    • by paying you
    • by paying someone else such as the garage repairing your vehicle
    • by repairing or replacing the lost or damaged item
  3. Payments to be made to you on the day of reporting or within 48 hours of you agreeing to the settlement by signing our Discharge Voucher.
  4. Where we’re successful at holding a negligent third party responsible for the accident:
    • A refund of the policy excess will be deducted from the claim amount
    • A reinstatement of your No Claim Discount (NCD) to the previous percentage before the claim was settled will be performed. Any resulting return premium will be credited to your account.

Below is a guide to some of the information and documentation required to process your claim:

  • Particulars of the other party (their vehicle registration number, name, address and contact number).
  • Particulars of the other party’s insurers.
  • A final police report of the incident.